Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Aesthetes is the Providence Studio Blog. It is an opportunity for an eclectic mix of creatives to share what art means to them, an ever-subjective topic, art means so many things to so many different people; this blog seeks to explore the beauty of that, as well as provide updates, musings and insight into Providence Studio lifestyle.

Each guest blogger is also asked their second favourite colour. It is a long-standing theory of George's that people chose their favourite colours based on personality i.e. what does this colour say about me. Whereas the second favourite colours is more about aesthetic, what is visually pleasing to them, and how it makes them feel; in essence it's more about ourselves on the inside than on the outside.

If you would like the opportunity to feature on the Blog please contact the Studio directly at with the subject heading 'Aesthetes'.

We hope you enjoy the blog, and first up is George herself followed soon after by some very talented individuals.


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