George: What Does Art Mean to Me

I’m going to post my initial response to ‘What Does Art Mean to Me’ at a later date. I still stand by everything that I said, but this last week or so have been particularly difficult for me personally and it occurred to me that I missed out one important point. I won’t go into the detail but there have been various things happening outside of Providence Studio; the most overwhelming of which was my beautiful, feisty, hilarious, kind and wonderful nana going into hospital with covid. I’m very close with my nana, and I come from a very close-knit family; I value family so very much. Having each other in difficult times is such a beautiful thing. Knowing that we are in it together, that we all feel the same thing is so comforting. It had been a rough ride though, and art has provided me an escape.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: art is therapy. When I am in the midst of the heartbreak of knowing my family is in pain because my nana is all alone in a hospital bed with no tactile emotional support from her loved ones is hard, and when that dreaded feeling in my heart can’t and won’t shift, when every waking thought is about my nana, I picked up my iPad and started drawing. Before I knew it 3 hours had passed, and I realised I’d had 3 hours of calm. It was as though I had been transported to into another world inside my brain, one where the only thing I could think of is the brush stroke, the colour selection. Art, in that moment was therapy. It allowed me some time to breathe, so that I could return with a clearer mind. It gave me a slightly better resilience so I could be emotionally available for my family in the way that they were for me. Art is so powerful. It is so beautiful.

So I put it to you, dear reader.. let it be your escape, being creative doesn’t need to be a skill, or a talent. The output in these moments isn’t what is important, at these times it’s the process that matters. The escapism, the space, the clarity of mind. No pressure, just you and your canvas, paper, even a doodle on the back of an old letter. Let the process transport you. Art is for everyone. Art is powerful.

George x

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