Leonard Cohen. Ever inspired by music and poetic lyrics. The piece depicts two identical faces facing different directions, and is an artistic interpretation of the song Is This What You Wanted, by the late Leonard Cohen. The constant comparison, and the contrast of the adoring and the adored, reflected in the two faces; one looking down on, and the other looking up to. A seemingly simple linear drawing, that in actuality tells a deeper story. 


This print is limited in production to 30 per size. 


Our premium prints arrive in a presentation box and are wrapped with a scented fabric to protect the print. The packaging used is thoughtfully put together with the intention to re-use instead of recycle.


This print is an unlimited run using 290gsm bamboo paper, made from 90% bamboo fibers and 10% cotton, without compromising on qualtiy, as we guarantee archival standards.


Bamboo paper wastes less water in production, and regrows as soon as it is cut making it one of the most sustainable natural materials on the planet.


*Frame not included

*Each piece is printed to order so you should expect dispatch up to 5 working days

Leonard Cohen