The Artist

Providence Studio is an online art studio by Manchester Artist Georgina Wilkins.

Georgina, more commonly known as George, is a long time lover of art. Some of her earliest and fondest memories as a child were with her Grangang whom she spent quiet afternoons with drawing and colouring in. The most memorable drawing was always a big house with a triangular roof, and a winding footpath up to the front door complete with a tree and birds flying by. 


Studying art through school and college, it has been a passion

that has remained with her. George created Providence Studio

to take the leap in the art world from hobby to business. 


Based in Ancoats, Manchester, George takes much of her

inspiration from the local community, with a rainy city colour

pallet, and the local style, and trends that makes the city so 

special to tourists and locals alike. Music, film and travel are

also three big inspirations for her life and artworks which can

be anticipated in future collections. 

Each piece is curated by hand using digital software to bring

a variety of minimal, meaningful, and nonchalant art to match

your home and lifestyle. 

Instantly recognisable as a Providence Studio artwork, with it's trademark white border that includes studio name, collection title and date of original artwork.


With each print limited in production, you can be sure your chosen pieces will never become 'the one everyone has', meaning your walls and shelves will stay original, just like you. 

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